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Why Rights Management Matters


Copyright is the bedrock of the publishing industry, and the rights that publishers hold are their greatest assets. Good management and exploitation of them can make a significant difference to the revenue, profitability and value of any publisher, and they deserve time, resources and investment. In a competitive and challenging market, they provide a lucrative income channel—but only if they are given sufficient attention. Read more

Best Practice for Asset Storage

29/9/2020 - Katy Conover, Hearst UK

In order to determine the best way to store assets, there are several questions that need to be considered. This list is a starting point from which to create a future plan for your assets. Read more

Ten Tips for Improving Your Rights Management


Getting rights information in good order can help publishers to increase their revenue, protect their copyright and improve their reputation. If you are getting started in rights management or want to improve your practice, here are ten useful tips from PLS’ group of rights experts. Read more